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Established in 2006

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The Irish Haiku Society is a not-for-profit organisation promoting the writing and appreciation of haiku in Ireland. It organises readings, ginko, workshops and other haiku-related events.

 The Irish Haiku Society, founded in September 2006, is an association of haiku poets.

The Irish Haiku Society organises haiku meetings, readings, book-launches, workshops, ginko and other haiku-related events.

The Board of the Irish Haiku Society deals with queries relating to these activities,and can be contacted at

irishhaikusociety at gmail dot com



Membership of the Irish Haiku Society is free of charge.

Membership and publication of work on the society's website, as well as in other publications, are available for every poet
based or born on the island of Ireland, following application and approval by the Board.

Applications for membership of the Irish Haiku Society should be submitted to the Board of the Irish Haiku Society at


Please note that membership of the Irish Haiku Society should not be interpreted as being any kind of professional qualification.

Membership of the Irish Haiku Society does not constitute a recommendation.

Members of the Irish Haiku Society are welcome to popularise haiku and discuss any haiku-related matters in public.

Constitution of the Irish Haiku Society is available here (PDF format):

Mailing List


Any person who wishes to be on the Irish Haiku Society's mailing list, should write to



The Board of the Society

Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Chairman

Martin Vaughan, Honorary Secretary

Aisling White, Honorary Treasurer 

Bee Smith, Events Organiser

The Board shall manage, superintend and direct the affairs of the Society, execute and enforce observance of the Rules of the Society, make representations and negotiate with any person or bodies or any authority on behalf of the members, have the power to decide all questions where the rules are not specific.


Haiku Journal

of the Irish Haiku Society

edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

was publishing haiku and related poetry between 2007 and 2022.
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